S1 bitcoin miner

s1 bitcoin miner

both at idle (not mining at stock 180 GHS and at overclocked 200 GHS mode. Steamtyme Hero Member Offline Activity: 616 Merit: 802 Blokforge Affiliate- see profile UnknownBTC Full Member Offline Activity: 145 Merit: 100 My custom wallet: BurtW Legendary Offline Activity: 2408 Merit: 1033 All paid signature campaigns should be banned. Accurate: Hardware Error rate as low.3, the lowest in the world. Network connection: Ethernet Cable / wifi. The S1 is now on sale for the best price of 49,-! Delivered within several days all over Europe! Energy per unit of time: 1 W 1 J/s). First problem is that the miner you are using is dedicated to Bitcoin which uses the SHA256 algorithm for mining Monero uses the cryptonight algorithm this means you cannot mine Monero with this miner that is the first problem it cannot be solved. "fpga development board "Lancelot" - accept bitsteam developer's orders.".

s1 bitcoin miner

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What you are paying for is the actual power measured by the device we are using for the tests of the power consumption. Hash rate: 180 GH/S, power consumption: about 360 W from the wall. Author, topic: bitmain AntMiner S GH/s asic Bitcoin Miner user's feedback is required uphold bitcoin price (Read 6210 times). This is the power usage that you can expect from the device as soon as you power up the AntMiner S1, it takes some time to start up and to connect to the Internet in order. /btcminer/ p?cPath21 products_id62 p?cPath21 products_id66 p?cPath21 products_id74 Retrieved from " ".

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